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Communication and Social Skills


  • How to develop and maintain friendships

  • Listen to others

  • Demonstrate knowledge of verbal and non-verbal social cues

  • How to behave and what to say in many different types of situations

Managing Personal Finances


  • Count money and make correct change

  • Manage a savings and/or checking account

  • Personal finance decision-making skills

  • Responsible expenditures

  • Bill Management

  • Use of debit cards and machines

  • Internet Banking

Hygiene and Health Care

Personal Needs


  • Proper grooming and hygiene

  • Dressing appropriately

  • Avoiding substance abuse

  • Knowledge of common illnesses, precaution and treatment

  • Accessing health care

Preparing for Employment


  • Locate sources of occupational information

  • Identify main occupational interests

  • Make realistic occupational choices

  • Identify requirements of appropriate and available jobs

  • Resume preparation

  • Interview preparation

Achieving Independance


  • Selecting and Managing a household

  • Manage task without assistance

  • Accept responsibilities for actions

  • Getting around the community

  • Getting to work on time

  • Develop goals, solutions and plans


Life skills
Employment resources
Life skills - Independent Living
Life skills - Independent Living
Grocery Shopping and Meal Preparation

Meal Planning


  • Nutrition education

  • Preparing and cooking basic meals

  • Following recipes

  • Storing food properly

  • Grocery shopping

  • Comparison shopping


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